538prom 任我爽 538prom 任我爽 ,亚洲页码日本人页码 亚洲页码日本人页码 ,海南师范大学桂林洋校区 海南师范大学桂林洋校区


White Ink Printing

white ink wedding invitation
Wedding Invitations on
Navy Cardstock

white ink greeting card
Greeting Cards on
Black Cardstock

white ink envelope printing
Blue Envelope with
White Ink Return Address

white ink business card
Red Business Cards

538prom 任我爽 538prom 任我爽 ,亚洲页码日本人页码 亚洲页码日本人页码 ,海南师范大学桂林洋校区 海南师范大学桂林洋校区 Mimosa Digital can now print utilizing white ink directly onto a variety of colored paper, card stocks, and envelopes. We carry matte and metallic colors including different shades and textures of blue, black, red, gold, cream, and more. Matching colored envelopes for many of those stocks are also available.

White ink printing applications range from transparencies, signs, invitations, envelopes, postcards, business cards, to greeting cards. Transparencies and clear gloss stickers look amazing when a white ink underlay is applied so that the image pops. Transparencies are often used to overlay other printed images or graphics to showcase different options in a real estate environment e.g. furniture or pool options.

White ink can be printed as a separate element for text or graphics. Simply create the text or graphic with 0,0,0,0 CMYK values and it will print in 100% white ink. Plus any CMYK elements will be printed with a white ink under print - which helps the image stand out on the page.

538prom 任我爽 538prom 任我爽 ,亚洲页码日本人页码 亚洲页码日本人页码 ,海南师范大学桂林洋校区 海南师范大学桂林洋校区 Order white ink transparencies or clear labels:

Order white ink invitations and cards:

Send us your files and request a quote for information on printing white ink on other media (dark colored stocks):


Or come by our shop to discuss your needs. We can print from your files or professional design anything to match your printing and marketing goals.